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Gas purification unit
The gas treatment plant prevents the ingress of mechanical impurities and condensate into the equipment, into technological pipelines, into the control and automation devices of the station and gas consumers. For gas purification at gas distribution stations, dust-absorbing devices of various designs are used, which ensure gas preparation in accordance with applicable regulatory documents for operation.
Gas reduction unit
Designed to continuously reduce and automatically maintain the set pressure of the transported gas in order to transfer it from a pipeline with a higher pressure to a pipeline with a lower pressure.
The list of the main equipment that may be part of the gas pressure reduction unit:
- gas filter;
- gas pressure regulator;
- safety shut-off device;
- pulse gas heater;
- safety relief valve;
- shutoff valves;
- instrumentation and automation.

Gas metering units
They are installed in a block box or on supporting frames and are designed to measure and record the volumetric flow rate of natural gas reduced to standard conditions, as well as determine its quality indicators, including component composition, density, humidity, specific heat of combustion and Wobbe number. In the production of metering units, rotational, turbine, vortex and ultrasonic meters are used. To calculate the normal volume, electronic converters are used to guarantee high accuracy in measuring the gas volume.

he flow meter assembly includes: gas meters (with inlet and outlet sections) sets of pressure sensors and temperature transmitters quality control units with analytical equipment installed in it stop valve kits automatic control system block building or supporting frames

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